Band Bio

Tim Currie has been a resident of Norwalk his entire life. Anyone who is even the slightest bit familiar with the City of Norwalk knows that if you need tires, you go to see Tim at Currie Tire on West Avenue. What many people don’t know is that aside from being the owner of Currie Tire, Tim has been a musician his entire life. Back in 2002 Tim’s son, Adam, started a band that is currently known as The Links. In order to help Adam’s music career Tim put the full weight of Currie Tire behind his music.

Shortly after the release of Adam’s first album, Tim decided that it would best serve the young musician to be a part of a record label. Instead of seeking a label that would sign Adam, Tim created his own record label, Hey Records in 2004.

Tim has enjoyed helping Adam with the music over the years though standing back stage simply wasn’t enough. In 2013 Tim started a Motown band called Tim Currie’s Motown Review Band. The group consists of 13 members and is as professional an act as they come. Tim is the drummer of the band and is surrounded by some of the best musicians in the area. With lead singers, backup singers, keyboards, and brass; with one listen the band will bring you back to the Motor City in the late 1960’s. To see Tim Currie’s Motown Review Band is not just a concert, it is an experience that is unmatched in Fairfield County.